How Do I… Where Do I… Here Is a Site With the Top Free Windows Utilities

As the support forum administrator and Customer Support Manager for, I am quite often telling people that they need to do various tasks to get their problem or project completed. After over 2000 forum posts and well over 1000 e-mail questions, I’ve begun to form a pattern of users:

  • Mac users with issues are usually just new to WordPress and are unfamiliar with getting things to work.
  • Windows users with issues are usually totally inexperienced when it comes to getting anything cool done on the Internet.

I know that’s a broad generalization, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a Mac user on our forum who was using crappy FTP software, let alone people who were relying on their host’s file manager to upload entire folders. There are exceptions to both camps, of course, but in this market it also seems like there is a good portion of Mac users who have PCs as well and are either using both for web work or have advanced themselves to the superiorly stable platform and program market. Macs just have cool stuff, virus-free!

So, in an effort to aid the Windows users out there, here is a site I ran across that lists a ton of the best free Windows software that have been tried and tested to be what you need to use if you’re on a PC. I direct you to:

(I would be remiss to not point out that there is a missing category: Anti-virus, which I suggest AVG Free Personal)

Not to neglect my fellow Mac addicts now, there is also just in case you want all of your favorite sites listed in one place (since you’re already using these programs).

#$%#$% NTLDR Is Missing!

That’s the last straw! I’m getting a Mac. I’ve been working with and on IBM PCs for over 15 years now. There just comes a time and place where one gets sick of fixing their own darn computer, and I’m there!

It was supposed to be a relaxing 30 minutes of gaming before going to bed. Key words: supposed to be. Tuesday night, my favorite game, World of Warcraft, issued a patch that everyone got with their next login, and they are notorious for breaking the plug-ins and addons that we as dorks like to use. That seemed like the case Tuesday. I couldn’t summon my horse to ride around without the game crashing. When I logged back in, I was on my horse. Rinse and repeat.

I should take the time to interject here that I had to install XP SP3 RC2 in order to get the game to run AT ALL after their major patch 2 months ago. [Read more…]