Ben Yoskovitz Speaks at SOBCon

Ben Yoskovitz writes at Instigator Blog and is here today to talk about podcasting: take advantage of your opportunities. Opportunities abound.

Podcasting is easy, but it takes more time than blogging and the comfort level isn’t always there. Start simple with inexpensive equipment and Skype for interviews.

Use Audacity/GarageBand 3 for editing and podsafe for free music. Host yourself or use a hosting service to record, publish, and host your podcast.

Things to keep in mind:

  • length doesn’t matter
  • quality needs to be high
  • use music
  • write a script, but keep it an outline
  • keep it in a conversational tone
  • link to others; best blogging practices
  • draw in your audience

What is the future of podcasting? We are all media channels and we have strength in numbers. Niches will rule (Yes!!! I might do something right! Now for the podcast…) Audio books will take root and become or take over the ebook.

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