SOBCon07 Is Everything I’d Hoped So Far

Today was a great day in the history of my blogging. I got to the hotel right at 6:00 and had time to go up to my room to put my carry-on in my room and get back downstairs. I met Liz Strauss right off the bat as I got my badge. Boy, she’s tall…or I’m short…or both.

I walked around the room and met Phil Gerbyshak, Mike Sansone, Tony D. Clark, Easton Ellsworth, Lisa Gates, Mike Rohde, Kent Blumberg, Troy Worman, Terry Starbucker, Chris Cree and Lisa Cree, Joe Haucks, Dawud Miracle, and Muhammed Saleem, and many more that I didn’t get their cards or put their cards in a different pocket than these.

It’s 12:30 according to my body clock, so I’m going to log into WoW to say “hi” to the guys and go to bed, because breakfast is a very late 7:00 CDT. 🙂


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