Quick Apartment Update: Clean and Dry

The carpet is still a bit damp from the water extraction and cleaning, but the place smells better than before the big blow up. After working 10 hours yesterday, I didn’t have much in me to do anything, but it meant a lot to K, so I got up the gumption and busted out the following:

  • mopped the bathroom floor with bleach water
  • cleaned both tubs with bleach water
  • cleaned both toilet bowls “just in case”
  • replaced both shower liners
  • washed the dishes that we didn’t get to because of the evacuation
  • delivered a trunk-full of trash from the event to the compactor

Today, dear, sweet K is putting away our overnight bag and tidying up the rest of the apartment to our normal “we’re home and not physically challenged” appearance. I like it that way now that I’m constantly around someone who has shown me what that is like. I used to be the biggest slob in the world, yet I couldn’t stop cleaning last night. Freak. /grin