Back to the Basics #3: One Step Back to a Better World

Back to BasicsI have asked several of my new bloggy friends and mentors to offer their own view out the window of getting back to the basics over the next couple of weeks. Here is the first guest installment for my Back to Basics series. Every now and then, we all need to go back to the basics.

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Terry StarbuckerGuest post by Terry Starbucker from Ramblings From a Glass Half Full. To quote his profile, he is a “Service Company Executive and a Founder of SOBCon, enjoying his business trips to the Rockies and keepin’ it positive.” I know him better than that… as a patient, helpful, joy-filled husband and traveler. If you are ever stuck in an airport, look for Terry and sit down and spend some time with him. It will be one of the best times of your life. Time to get on with the show!

How can we go backwards to go forward?

One word: Perspective

One Step Back to a Better World

One Step Back? What does Starbucker have in that Half-Full glass today?

It’s pulling ourselves out of the thick of it, taking a step back, and putting what’s going on in proper context.

Or, using the dictionary definition,

The ability to perceive things in their actual interrelations or comparative importance.

If more people did that in more of the situations they get into, both bad and good, it would indeed be a better world.

Imagine if, during an interaction with bad vibes and even worse words going back and forth, someone all of a sudden said “Hey, wait a minute. We’ve been friends for 20 years and we can’t let this little thing get in the way of that!”

Better yet, imagine politicians and other leaders doing the same thing in the backrooms and the boardrooms.

Yes, take a step back and take another look – you will see things much better, and bigger to boot. Oh, and taking a nice deep breath as you do it doesn’t hurt either. It’s the Half-Full way!