Bodily Functions Make Me Laugh

Not so much with some people, but I can safely say that I’m not alone in this world with my obsession with the inherent humor found in bodily functions. Especially accidental ones. Or is that purposeful ones? I can’t remember. They’re funny. If you don’t think they’re funny, you’d best move right on along to another one of my fine posts. May I suggest Artist Spotlight: Jacob Wolkenhauer for starters.

Still reading? Good. You’re with friends, then.

A co-worker, and a female one at that, sent me a gchat of a humorous view of farting, the perspective one gains as the father of a new baby girl. It’s brilliantly titled Passing time by passing gas, plus fun fart facts! and had me in stitches. I previously wrote a post referring to the Jr. High school ban on flatulence that he mentions, so I was deeply interested in finishing the article.

Then things took a turn for the worse in my mind, and I started tossing out YouTube videos to my co-workers just for laughs. Well, it saved the day at our office.