American Idol: Top 8 Week – 4/8/2008

This week’s performance show can be summed up with this question:

What is Randy Jackson smoking nowadays?

Usually the nice guy who usually agrees with Paula, but liked to mention being pitchy in parts, he has been downright grumpy on some hawt performances the last two weeks. What gives, Randy? He’s been no harsh, he’s making Simon look like a doll.

First off for the night, Michael Johns rocked the joint and it was HAWT, I don’t give a darn what Randy had to say about the singing, the performance, or anything. I’m downloading that song on iTunes ASAP. I give him a 10.0 for the night.

Next up, Sayesha Mercado busted out with a Fantasia song that was simply, oh wow, and then Randy tore her up with a comparison to Fantasia. I mean, was it hot or not? Stop drawing artist comparisons every friggin’ song done by Celine, Whip Me, or Fantasia to the person on the stage. I give her a 9.9 for the night.

Jason Castro got high marks from everyone, yes, even Randy tonight. Simon said it fantastic. I noted that he didn’t seem to be trying to just cruise through this week like a lazy college student. I’d like to think he saw my remarks last week and made an adjustment to his schedule. Yeah, that’s it. I gave him a 9.8 for the night.

Let’s see, David Cook sang all right, but I’m getting kind of tired of him picking arrangements from “his favorite band” of the week and not coming out with anything original. What happens if he wins? Is he just going to ask everyone if he can sing their songs and put it on a CD? I gave him a 9.4 for the night.

Then Kristy Lee Cook did her best vocal performance yet, but I still liked her ‘Proud to be an American’ week best. She needs standing lessons, you know what I mean? She has sucky stage presence and doesn’t know how to look like a star, even if she finally dressed the part tonight. I gave her a 9.2 for the night.

Carly Smithson… /sigh. She needs some anger management courses. Her brows were turned in a nasty “V” from the get-go, and I agree with Simon, although I couldn’t put my finger on it during her song, it put an uncomfortable feeling in the gut in comparison with the other inspirational songs of the night. I don’t think she can really sing a tender song if it was put in front of her. Oh, and that loser Luke Menard was sitting with her husband. I read that guy wasn’t allowed back in his band because he just up and ditched them for Hollywood week on a bad note, no pun intended. Seriously, it just came out. I gave her an 8.6 for the night.

David Archuleta sat at the grand piano and did a mighty fine vocal, but almost put me to sleep. I dunno, but I think I’d have to listen to it again to actually say it was a good performance. I’m still out on that call. I gave him a 9.4 for the night.

I loathe Brooke White. I can’t stand the looks after the judges and she cocks her head to the side with a sad, “vote for me because I look pitiful” look on her face. I wanted to throw something at the TV in hopes that it would smack her in the face to make a new look that is less infuriating. Now look who needs therapy. Thanks Brooke! I gave her a 9.2 for the night because I should have fallen asleep to make better use of my time.

My picks for the Bottom 3 are: Carly Smithson, Kristy Lee Cook, and Brooke White.

Going home this week: Carly Smithson.


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