American Idol: Top 4 Week – 5/6/2008

It appears that I was partially right, partially wrong about this week’s performances. David Cook did rock out, but only on his second song. Syesha did her stuff, sang her songs, shook her booty, and I think she’s going to stay alive.

Then there’s Jason Castro. His first song was… boring. His second song was… a disaster. He pulled a Crash Test Dummies impersonation and “MMM mmm MMM’d” about 10 words, which Randy Jackson politely made clear by asking Jason what he thought of his own performance. Simon simply told him, “Pack your bags.” I told my wife that his fans probably didn’t notice, though, because they’re all stoned. He may be safe, if only for the stoners.

David Archuletta was simply stunning with his first performance, and while his second song was not as entertaining for me, it was still up to his expected level of vocal brilliance. I am going to download his first song when it pops up on iTunes.

Bottom Two: Jason Castro, Jason Castro (Sorry, dude)

Actually non-voted off this week: Jason Castro

Looks like it’s just his time.