American Idol Season 8 Top 5 Predictions

Allison - photo from AmericanIdol.comWell, that certainly mixed things up a tad with respect to the Top 3. Considering last night’s performances only, Kris out sang and out-showed Allison. I didn’t think her innocence that should have been there was present at all: she was dressed like a hooker and her phrasing was all broken up like she out out of breath. It was not half as good as the same song on “Mr. Holland’s Opus.”

As much as I like Allison, I think Matt has rebounded since he got voted off and saved. She’s been in the Bottom 3 enough times to make me throw her under the bus. Kris has such a following, I have to say that he’s safe, too. You know where I’ll be at 8:00 EST tonight. 🙂

American Idol: Top 4 Week – 5/6/2008

It appears that I was partially right, partially wrong about this week’s performances. David Cook did rock out, but only on his second song. Syesha did her stuff, sang her songs, shook her booty, and I think she’s going to stay alive.

Then there’s Jason Castro. His first song was… boring. His second song was… a disaster. He pulled a Crash Test Dummies impersonation and “MMM mmm MMM’d” about 10 words, which Randy Jackson politely made clear by asking Jason what he thought of his own performance. Simon simply told him, “Pack your bags.” I told my wife that his fans probably didn’t notice, though, because they’re all stoned. He may be safe, if only for the stoners.

David Archuletta was simply stunning with his first performance, and while his second song was not as entertaining for me, it was still up to his expected level of vocal brilliance. I am going to download his first song when it pops up on iTunes.

Bottom Two: Jason Castro, Jason Castro (Sorry, dude)

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It’s Time for the Top 4 American Idol Show

It’s rock and roll night tonight on American Idol. Look out for David Cook to rock your world. I’m definitely going to be watching in full surround sound today. The competition is going to come down to who can pick the best songs, best clothes, and NOT screw up. (Hey, Brooke, I’m talking to you.)

My pre-show predictions for the Top 2 performance predictions are David Cook and Syesha Mercado. I say performance predictions, though, because Syesha will be in the bottom two, as always.