Top 5 List of My Pet Peeves

I’ll admit it: I get more irritated by life’s little things than I should. On the otherhand, though, people shouldn’t be so stupid sometimes. Life would be so much better if people would be aware of their surroundings, pay attention in school, and think twice more often. Enough of that; here is my list:

  1. When you are turning right, and I am turning left, GO! Don’t wave me on because you’re just messing with the natural order that is the traffic code.
  2. Count your items before you go into the 10 or 15 items or less checkout line. If I come up behind you and you have 20-30 items, you just might not like what I have to say to the cashier as you walk away, because it will be loud enough for you to hear.
  3. Know your 5th grade grammar if you are going to bother publishing something on the Internet. Know about things like contractions, run-on sentences, basic punctuation. No one likes to see someone’s billboard, “Your going to love my product!” either.
  4. Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, spit out your gum on the sidewalk or in the parking lot where people’s feet will tread. That’s just not cool, and I will hunt you down and put it in your hair down at the roots.
  5. Talk to me in a public restroom unless there is a lot of talking going on or we are alone and I count you as one my my top 25 friends. The restroom is for two things: #1 and #2. Get it done. Wash. Get out. Then we’ll talk. 🙂

Anyone else want to contribute their pet peeves?