Flexx’ing My Design Muscles

With the last stages of our latest, revolutionary theme well underway (target release day is Thursday morning), I have been exploring my inner design freak that has been trying to get out since I created all of the skinning for my gaming blog: Gitrknowswow.com at the end of last year.

I’ve helped our designer, James Dalman, on a couple of images in the last month or so, but we’ve decided to help each other out with our trades: I help him with the code and WordPress questions for his personal site, and he is helping me with learning graphic design and made me one of the cool headers I’m sporting now that got my juices flowing. Sorry about the dude in them… they are the best I had to offer of my mug. We’ll see if Jason Dowd can take a better photo of me someday soon.

I’m trying to make this site really showcase FlexxTheme in a major way, so hold on to your hats, because things are going to look really good soon. I hope you enjoy my launch post that will go live on Thursday morning.