Tab Mix Plus: A Must-Have for Firefox Powerusers

I had finally had it with scrolling back and forth with the Firefox tabs tonight. I am working on a 12″ widescreen laptop monitor, which is far more scrolling than when I’m upstairs on my 22″ widescreen. I was doing theme and plugin searching and finally ended up with over 30 tabs open. That was the last straw, and I wish I’d hit that point 5 months ago.

I did a Google for “firefox tabs multiple rows” and was immediately pointed to the Tab Mix Plus Firefox extension.

This little extension has eliminated all of my dislikes I experience with being on the computer ALL DAY. Check it out and take care of these issues, too:

  • Tabs to open next to the one you’re on rather than all the way at the end of the list.
  • Multiple rows of tabs rather than scrolling.
  • Stopping the annoying blank tabs from downloads, like from Gmail.


  1. That is seriously cool!

  2. That is seriously cool!