Megan Joy Gone and My Season Analysis

Megan Joy goes home! Yay!What was up with Megan Joy Wednesday night? She repeatedly smiled and waved when her name was mentioned as being on the chopping block called “the bottom three,” did that ridiculous crow sound as she flew to the chairs, and was totally fine with going home when she got the axe. Who is okay with going home from American Idol!? Something personal or show-related is behind that strange behavior, and I hope that crow call and flapping was her “hidden talent” from some “get to know your fellow Idols” evening they had in the mansion.

I suspect she’s got some kind of separation anxiety, fear of failure, or a twisted fear of success. She hadn’t used her unique voice for about a month and was bordering on self-sabotage on a weekly basis. What started as endearing became the most annoying parts of each week, aside from Simon and Paula acting like 2nd graders.

On another note, Lady GaGa–how in the world does someone who comes up with a routine/act like get any positive attention? The music wasn’t that bad, so I can understand how the iTunes sales are good, but the routine was atrocious! If I was a paying concert-goer, I’d be looking for some way to get my money back, because I would have to look at my feet or keep my eyes shut to enjoy the music because her wardrobe, hair, piano, dancing, and the stupid leather zipper eye patch was too much.