Megan Joy Gone and My Season Analysis

Megan Joy goes home! Yay!What was up with Megan Joy Wednesday night? She repeatedly smiled and waved when her name was mentioned as being on the chopping block called “the bottom three,” did that ridiculous crow sound as she flew to the chairs, and was totally fine with going home when she got the axe. Who is okay with going home from American Idol!? Something personal or show-related is behind that strange behavior, and I hope that crow call and flapping was her “hidden talent” from some “get to know your fellow Idols” evening they had in the mansion.

I suspect she’s got some kind of separation anxiety, fear of failure, or a twisted fear of success. She hadn’t used her unique voice for about a month and was bordering on self-sabotage on a weekly basis. What started as endearing became the most annoying parts of each week, aside from Simon and Paula acting like 2nd graders.

On another note, Lady GaGa–how in the world does someone who comes up with a routine/act like get any positive attention? The music wasn’t that bad, so I can understand how the iTunes sales are good, but the routine was atrocious! If I was a paying concert-goer, I’d be looking for some way to get my money back, because I would have to look at my feet or keep my eyes shut to enjoy the music because her wardrobe, hair, piano, dancing, and the stupid leather zipper eye patch was too much.

American Idol Season 8 Top 9 Post-Show

Last night was another “hot or not” night for the singers. It has been quite a while since there has been such a black and white contrast between the “in” crowd and the obvious eventual losers.

On the “HAWT” list last night: Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, and Danny Gokey. This is the time of year that David Cook started to make a name for himself last season, and I think Kris Allen is doing the same thing. Don’t get too excited, though, because Adam Lambert could mop the floor with David Cook, so Kris doesn’t stand a chance. Allison, does… maybe.

The “losers” who are digging themselves deeper were: Anoop Desai, Megan Joy, Scott MacIntyre, and Lil Rounds. I’m sorry, but Scott “They just told me five minutes ago that my pants are pink” MacIntyre is going home tonight. Blind will only get you so many votes for so long when you have to listen to his crap of late. The person going home is definitely in that group, but my money would be on Scott if I were a gambling man.

American Idol Season 8 Top 10 Post-Show

picture-29Wow, what a suckfest of a start to the show last night. We ended up going to bed last night after the 6th performance and watching the rest this morning. The difference between the two sets of singers was striking because when they showed the recap at the end of the show, we didn’t really have any recollection of them as we were watching the last 4: Lil, Adam, Danny, and Allison.

I had some major disappointments with some styles and the execution of some of them, namely Megan Joy’s “who the heck possessed her body for those 2 minutes?” and Michael Sarver’s shaky-quaky hand and body movements inside every beat of the song making it look like he was having a seizure. I won’t even go into how Lil Round was supposed to dominate because that would be racist to expect a black person to blow it outta da box on Motown night, wouldn’t it? Yeah. Didn’t stop them from saying it, though. Racists. 😀

Adam, Danny, and Allison are for sure Top 3 material, and the rest can try to duke it out for #4, but it doesn’t matter, because no one else will win it with those 3 in the running. Kris and Matt, “dude” you guys blew, and not outta da box. Scott wasn’t far behind in the “wanna go home” category and Megan completely self-destructed by tossing her unique voice in the garbage and shouting the whole thing at 120 beats per minute. Her rehearsal with Smoky got me looking forward to hers and she figuratively jumped off a bridge.

I’m going with Megan going home, with Michael in a close second. It is all up to sex appeal and fanbase at this point for those two. Kris could go at any time, but I think those two might have saved him this week unless they have more fans than I’m accounting for.