American Idol Season 9 – Top 9 Pre-results

Was it just me or was last night overwhelmingly boring? I was pretty annoyed that it was a 2-hour show for 9 singers.

I really liked Lee’s song AND performance. The bagpipes rocked! Katie had her best performance ever, matching song, attitude, and clothes just right. Michael Lynch and Crystal both did fine jobs, but that leaves 5 others who didn’t impress me. That’s like 75-80 minutes of not being impressed. I’m far too busy to watch TV and not be entertained doing it.

Siobhan started my sleeping spell. She broke my cardinal rule about slow songs. It was after 9pm, for crying out loud. I love her to death, but that was boring. She may be in danger.

Ok, so it’s time to eat dessert; here’s the Bottom 3:

Casey James, Tim Urban, and Siobhan Magnus.

Here’s to Tim Urban going home. If everyone’s thing about you in the preview video segment is that you smile too much, it’s time to go home. Oh, and I still don’t care if you had fun singing your song. I have to have fun listening.