American Idol Season 10 Top 9 Pre-Results

Last week certainly got rid of some dead weight who answers to the name Naima. Yay! Last night was, by far, the best overall night of performances this season. On the re-cap, I kept saying “that rocked” to far too many people compared to recent weeks.

Leading off, Jacob Lusk found his inner Elton John, Village People, and singing Liberace last night. I don’t understand why the teenie-bopper girls shout “I love you” to him. Maybe their gaydar is broken. He came all the way out with “Man in the Mirror” flailing and doing hip thrusts and all. Beside all of that circus dancing, the singing wasn’t as good as his Hollywood week smash.

Haley Reinhart still can’t figure out what to do to save her life. She somehow managed to make me hate a Janice Joplin song. At least this time her red lipstick stayed on her lips.

Then the run started: Casey Abrams with CCR, Lauren Alaina with “Natural Woman,” James Durbin with a George Harrison ballad, Scotty McCreery busted out “That’s All Right,” and Pia Toscano brought down the house!!!! with “River Deep – Mountain High.” I would have been pleased if that was the last song, but then…

Stefano Langone had to ruin the night with “When a Man Loves a Woman.” I haven’t quite figured out what I don’t like about him, but I would never go to a Stefano concert. Ever.

At least they got back into the right place with Paul McDonald slaying “Folsom Prison Blues.” It fit him perfectly and the crowd really got into it and it ended up being a great ending after all. That Stefano number had me worried that the producers had lost their minds.

Bottom Three:

Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone, and Haley Reinhart.

Going Home:

Haley Reinhart

American Idol Season 9 – Top 9 Pre-results

Was it just me or was last night overwhelmingly boring? I was pretty annoyed that it was a 2-hour show for 9 singers.

I really liked Lee’s song AND performance. The bagpipes rocked! Katie had her best performance ever, matching song, attitude, and clothes just right. Michael Lynch and Crystal both did fine jobs, but that leaves 5 others who didn’t impress me. That’s like 75-80 minutes of not being impressed. I’m far too busy to watch TV and not be entertained doing it.

Siobhan started my sleeping spell. She broke my cardinal rule about slow songs. It was after 9pm, for crying out loud. I love her to death, but that was boring. She may be in danger.

Ok, so it’s time to eat dessert; here’s the Bottom 3:

Casey James, Tim Urban, and Siobhan Magnus.

Here’s to Tim Urban going home. If everyone’s thing about you in the preview video segment is that you smile too much, it’s time to go home. Oh, and I still don’t care if you had fun singing your song. I have to have fun listening.

American Idol Top 9 Results Show

Yesterday’s prediction:

The bottom 3 will be Ramiele Malubay, Brooke White, and Jason Castro.
My prediction: Ramiele Malubay

What can I say? When you’re right, you’re right. I don’t think that Kristy Lee Cook was in the bottom for any reason other than how bad she’s sucked in the past, but her last two weeks were better than Jason Castro, IMHO.

American Idol: Top 9 Week – 4/1/2008

Last night, Simon was in quite a funk and dissing everyone left and right. You could visibly see the stab to Carly Smithson’s heart as he made a rude remark about her clothing style.

I was pretty tired and didn’t take notes, so I’ll just tell you how things were.

The bottom 3 will be Ramiele Malubay, Brooke White, and Jason Castro.

The best of the night were Carly (9.2), David Cook (9.4), Michael Johns (9.6), David Archuleta (9.9), and Sayesha Mercado (10.0).

I don’t give a darn that her song was different from Whitney’s (Whip Me Houston) version. I liked it because, while the notes were different from what I expected, they were very pleasing. Given enough time, I could forget Whip Me’s version. It was HAWT!

Ramiele looked like a scared little girl who wants her mommy, and I think that’s how her performance came across. She seemed to be channeling Jason Castro’s mannerisms when Ryan came over and she answered his questions. Brooke is downright pissing me off with her agreeability and interrupting the judges with her agreements to their criticism! Shut up and listen and try to look pretty, not pitiful. Jason is just cruising… coasting, really. He needs to step it up.

My prediction: Ramiele Malubay