American Idol Season 10 Top 13 Pre-Results

Pia Toscano

My Front-runner: Pia Toscano

While I’d say that the overall performance quality of the contestants last night was far superior to those of the first week, some people still don’t have a clue about how to pick a song and make it entertaining. I don’t care if you “had fun” up there. I have to be entertained. It almost seems like the producers are picking favorites by helping some with their arrangements more than others. A couple were almost completely derailed by their arrangements.

I voted for everyone who entertained me and one whom I think was just lost due to some outside pressures. Those whom I voted for are italicized and bolded.

Order Contestant Song (original artist) Personal Idol
1 Lauren Alaina Any Man of Mine(Shania Twain) Shania Twain
2 Casey Abrams With a Little Help from My Friends(The Beatles) Joe Cocker
3 Ashthon Jones When You Tell Me That You Love Me(Diana Ross) Diana Ross
4 Paul McDonald Come Pick Me Up(Ryan Adams) Ryan Adams
5 Pia Toscano All by Myself(Eric Carmen) Celine Dion
6 James Durbin Maybe I’m Amazed(Paul McCartney) Paul McCartney
7 Haley Reinhart Blue(LeAnn Rimes) LeAnn Rimes
8 Jacob Lusk I Believe I Can Fly(R. Kelly) R. Kelly
9 Thia Megia Smile(Charlie Chaplin) Michael Jackson
10 Stefano Langone Lately(Stevie Wonder) Stevie Wonder
11 Karen Rodriguez I Could Fall in Love(Selena) Selena
12 Scotty McCreery The River(Garth Brooks) Garth Brooks
13 Naima Adedapo Umbrella(Rihanna) Rihanna

For our little observation of the night, it should be illegal to wear fluorescent green shirts in the audience because there are still black lights, and it’s disrespectful to contestants to see them when the lights are down low.

Bottom Three

I think the bottom three may be too close to call between the people who don’t have the fanbase and those who were bad but still have enough fans. I’m going to give it a go, anyway:

  • Ashton Jones – Did you seriously think you could pull off Diana Ross?
  • Karen Rodriguez – Love the song, but I think she’s going to annoy people with her pro-latina mumbo-jumbo. It’s unattractive to everyone who isn’t latino/a. Come one, “go white people!” seriously, you can’t do that, so she shouldn’t either.
  • Haley Reinhart – I would have fallen asleep if I hadn’t vowed to not fall asleep this season.

Who I’d like to see go home is Naima Adedapo. I don’t think she’s very marketable as she is, but maybe with this reggae twist she did last night, she might change my mind, but please stop with that bright red lipstick – I keep thinking you just devoured raw meat and didn’t wipe off the blood. Way too red, girl. As for Stefano, I think he has enough high school girls voting for his Matthew Broderick face.

Who I think will go home: Ashton Jones – she barely made it in anyway, as a wildcard.


  1. Since we don’t have TV, I’ve been DVRing Idol where I Nanny. It really cuts all the crap out of the 2 hour show. I am able to FF through the slow and boring performances and Ryan Seacrest. I agree with you on your picks for bottom 3 and your reasons why. Karen drives me crazy. I don’t find her personality enjoyable at all. I so wish they would have brought Chris Medina back as a Wild Card. Naima really did give it a good go last night. At first I was thinking it was going to be a bit Karaoke like. Then she hit that Reggae mix and I was bopping along. I don’t know what happened to Lauren, but I was so disappointed with her version of that song. After the way the producers were hyping it up, I was expecting much more. Snooze fest for her. I think the judges were very liberal with their comments. Simon would have eaten her alive. Stefano… EEK! Jacob Lusk reminds me of Reuben Studdard. He can sing, but he just isn’t current or marketable. He is well suited for Gospel or a similar style. I think this exposure is great for him, but I don’t think he is Idol winner material. I will have to watch the results show tomorrow at work.