American Idol Season 10 Top 11 Pre-Results

Is it just me or are the worst getting worse and the best getting better? It’s really hard to pick a 3rd worst from last night because there were four bad performances. It’s almost game time (I’ve got a lot of NCAA to watch tonight, too), so I’m going to cut to the chase.

Last night was Motown night. It made it really easy to tell who knew themselves, what their niche was, and how to arrange a song to match their style. Those who succeeded in best to worst order were: Paul McDonald, James Durbin, Pia Toscano, Thia Megia, Casey Abrams, Scotty McCreery, and Lauren Alaina.

I’m over Jacob Lusk and his faces, dancing, and hand gestures. Naima Adedapo was confused which Nigel Lithgoe show she was on and started (very badly) doing an African dance number – oh, she IS African? I guess that hadn’t been thrown in my face enough yet for that to sink in. Haley Reinhart has always been and will always be in the Bottom 3 until she goes home. Lastly, Stefano Langone still can’t keep his eyes open.

Naima AdedapoBottom 3 of 11

Haley Reinhart, Stefano Langone, and Naima Adedapo

Going home

Naima Adedapo


  1. Anonymous says

    Out of all the performances Jacob has done, this one by far was the least irritating regarding all of his quirks. I enjoyed it over all. The preview for Naima practicing for the African dancing looked better than the actual performance. What happened there? Is it really that important at this stage for it to be about dancing? I thought this was a singing competition. I agree that there should be some movement and connection with the audience, ahem Thia, but not the expectation that these kids are long time stage performers. Stefano has bugged me from the beginning. I am still confused how he has made it this far. I am not a fan of Paul’s singing, but I am a fan of Paul. He knows what kind of artist he is and sticks to that week to week. I appreciate that about him. He always looks like he is having a great time and really has passion behind the music. Motown for sure was going to be Scotty’s weak performance. I think that will continue as the genres go. He is tried and true Country. That’s it. He has no other avenue. That’s okay, but this was not his best week. I think your bottom 3 are a solid pick, I think that Stefano is gone. I still have to wait until the morning to hear the results on my way to work. I listen to the radio for traffic reports and it would require more flipping than I care to do to avoid hearing one of them talk Idol. I’ll hear the results and watch the show when I get to work.

    • Do NOT listen to the radio or get on Facebook. You will regret it. I promise you.

      • Anonymous says

        Wow. That was intense. All I can say is what in the world was America thinking? We can’t seem to get it right voting for our presidents so why should Idol be different- LOL. On to next week and hopefully dropping 2 that deserve to go. I don’t need to see performances, Haley and Naima/Thia can GO. At least Naima toned down the make-up this week. I won’t even be able to watch Idol on DVR next week. Today is my last day at work. I will be without TV/Cable access until at least the following week. I need to find a way to watch!

    • How about Ryan stopping the gay guy from coming up and planting on on Jacob? It is a family show… or at least until Ryan had Pia turn around and make 4.2 million teen boys hit pause on their DVRs.

      I took lots of good photo fodder but only had a few minutes to write the post b/c we had fun Skyping with my sis-in-law in CA after dinner. I guess I’ll use them this week.