American Idol Season 10 Top 11 Pre-Results Part Deux

Last night was pretty lame, but that can’t be helped too much – it was Elton John night. Tonight, there will be a Bottom 4 and two people will go home after Casey Abrams’ save last week.

I’m going to get this off my chest: I can’t stand watching or listening to Naima Adedapo. I want her to go home and keep on cleaning toilets until she finds a less annoying way (than making me want to throw my remote) to make more money.

I was floored to see that Haley Reinhart had the coveted finale spot, and while she did a great job picking a song, style, and way to move, it still isn’t anything that will win. Scotty McCreery picked “Country Comfort” because, you guessed it: it had the word “country” in it.

After Casey’s run-through with the producers, they suggested that his beard is taking over his face and that he should go get it trimmed. They were right! What a difference. Now his beard looks like mine at the point that I can’t stand it being that long, and it looked like he’d lost 25lbs. It was a good performance, but I am still stuck on wanting another Nirvana, because that was his best ever.

James Durbin totally rocked. 3/4 of the way through the song, the pianist just got up and ran off-stage. I wondered why, but only for 5 more seconds… the piano lid was missing and the whole thing lit up with 6-foot flames for the rest of the song, finished with 2 pyro blasts at the base of the stairs. It was an epic performance.

Pia Toscano was wonderful and lovely, as usual. Thia did much better, but she can’t win. Jacob Lusk bores me with his face-pulling, and acting generally like a girl or very confused man. He’s a one-trick pony, too. All he knows to do is to go high.

Lauren Alaina did fantastic singing “Candle in the Wind,” especially since she ripped out her “ear” immediately. There must have been something terribly wrong with what came out into her ear, but she really kicked butt. She’s coming across as more air-headed each week, though. My wife thinks she’s been out of school too long.

Paul McDonald was great and picked the perfect song in “Rocket Man” and really did his brand justice. The dude is ready to go on tour and have tons of iTunes singles.

Oh, yeah, Stefano Langone… well, since I almost forgot to include him should tell you how ordinary he was.

My picks for Bottom 4: Naima Adedapo, Stefano Langone, Haley Reinhart, and Thia Megia.

Going home: Naima Adedapo and Stefano Langone.


  1. I guess I heard wrong: Bottom 3, not 4. They just announced Naima, so I withdraw my guess of Thia from the bottom and add Stefano going home since I forgot 2 go home.

  2. Mixed success, but I couldn’t be happier to see Naima gone, unless Haley went with her.

  3. Anonymous says

    Obviously not seeing the performances, I am leaning on you. I have not been a fan of Naima at all or Stefano. Since we can’t seem to get rid of Haley, I am all for getting rid of those two. I am sure Paul did a great job. He has such an old soul singing style that is unmatched today. Whether or not he wins AI, he will go much further. In fact, he is probably better off not winning and having his career the way he wants it to be.

    • Why don’t you watch the performances on YouTube?

      • Anonymous says

        I haven’t had the time since Wednesday night. Not a fan of watching them in clips on You Tube, searching out each one. Unless there is a notable performance worth watching. I doubt I’ll be watching much of anything when I get to London with a whopping 3mbs internet speed. At least Naima went home. I wasn’t a fan of Thia either. Her time was coming. Now get rid of Haley and Stefano. I’m not a Pia fan either. She can sing for sure, but I just don’t think I would dig her music. Since there have been female/male pop stars, female country star, and male rock stars come from Idol, I would like to see either Scotty bring home the male country star or Casey/Paul figure out their genre. I like James Durbin, but he’s a cross between Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert. Its been done.