Disney Did No Wrong in Assault Case

Here’s the background. This kid “allegedly,” of course, has CP and is autistic. At 2:30, Darth Maul comes along the route. What happens is history as far as his dad is concerned. You can click through to see the comments on the YouTube page if you want. Below is my take on it, and I’m interested in your view of the event.

YouTube Preview Image

Watch the kid at the beginning. He walks right up to one of the parade members and is greeted warmly, thus making him think that this behavior is appropriate. It is NOT appropriate for any child to walk into a parade route. EVER. It’s dangerous and someone, heaven forbid it be his parents, should have stopped that immediately as if he was running into the street. Hey, that sort of looks like a street, doesn’t it? Dad, maybe you should shut up and stop filming the parade and reign your son in before he gets himself killed now or later in a real street.

So, Darth Maul approaches. What does the kid do? He runs straight at him with his arms up in what could easily be perceived as an attack on Darth Maul. The actor was simply protecting himself. He doesn’t know the kid’s mentally handicapped. That push off to the side (where he belongs) was very appropriate of someone being potentially attacked.

Maybe you should hang a sign around your kid’s neck that says,

“My kid’s got issues related to autism. He won’t attack (even though it looks like he might). Please discipline him calmly and gently in my absence from his development.” – His dad

If the Florida Attorney General ever sees this case, he needs to throw it out and fine the parent for lack of parenting. Hopefully, since this video has been around since last June, it’s already run its course.