Pssst! Want Some… Sugar?

It seems almost as if drugs are no longer the hot commodity at certain middle schools around the country, as the growing trend of banning candy sales on school campuses takes hold. According to the Victorville Daily Press website, Victorville (yup, California) has a new breed of pushers roaming the halls: sugar pushers.

Packing Skittles, Pepsi, and Red Bull, the pushers are bringing food from home or the grocery store and turning a massive profit to those who aren’t as business-savvy. If you want a sugar kick at school and didn’t come prepared, you only have one option: a pusher.

Teachers say that the ban on junk food sales isn’t making that much of a difference, but, predictably, school administrators tell a different story and paint a picture of students veering away from the temptation of consuming sugar.

There are stiff penalties for posession on campus that include confiscation for in-class handling of candy and detention for selling sugar.

Maybe the pushers should come with little baggies of crack and say, “It’s not sugar,” when they get caught selling it. What is it going to take for big government (especially in California) to get their business out of the stuff that doesn’t matter and start concentrating on things that do?

  • Sugar < Teen Pregnancy
  • Sugar < Drugs
  • Sugar < Underage Drinking