All Moved In

It was a heck of a weekend moving into our townhome. Here is a run-down of all of the events since my last post.


I took a half-day on Thursday to pick up My Precious and head to Home Depot for an immediate dining room light replacement. We ended up getting another ceiling light/fan for the master bedroom while we were there. The bank took forever to do our closing cashier’s check. It should have only taken 3 minutes to do, but our teller managed to stretch it out to a round 20, just enough to stress me out about getting to closing on time.

Closing went amazingly good. They had our names spelled correctly everywhere and we had already been over a few of the FHA forms before, so it wasn’t as much reading as I thought it would be. The great news is that the closing costs ended up being significantly lower than estimated at contract, and our mortgage payment came out to be a mere $26 more than our rent for a 2BR/2BA apartment! That was a huge blessing for our first home.

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Townhome Walkthrough Scheduled

We are scheduled for our walkthrough next Thursday the 22nd, and then we close the next Thursday after that. I can’t believe we are this close to being homeowners!

*Update* New Closing Date

Now that the title company called to schedule our closing, we were given a few options for closing times. We opted for closing on Thursday the 29th in the afternoon, so I could get a full day’s work in and then take all of Friday off to do errands to prepare for moving. Wouldn’t it be great to have the shelves in the garage in place for our stuff when our moving help is there on Saturday?

I’ll take Friday and Monday off and we’ll do our best to get situated. If anyone wants to come help, we’ll take care of the food and refreshments.

We Have a Closing Date on the Townhome

The builder e-mailed us Friday to confirm a set-in-stone closing date of Friday May 30th. That gives us the weekend to move our stuff and the week to ensure we don’t get charged for crap at the apartment before we turn in our key on the 7th.
It’s time to kick the packing into high gear.