Waiting Room Humor: I’m Here for a Hearing Aid

Waiting roomYesterday I had my monthly visit to the ear, nose, and throat specialist. It’s a joyful trip that includes getting off work around noon (sometimes I go back to the office) and sitting outside in the hall before the door opens from their lunch.

Without fail, people still check the door to see if it’s locked… as if I’d be sitting on the floor in front of the door with a book if it was open. Yesterday was no exception. What made this visit more special was that it must have been a coupon week for patients over the age of 70. Not a one could have possibly have been in their 60s. One little old lady shouted out to her caretaker that she was born in March of 1915. Yeah, really old.

The humor arose when the deaf people all started to try to talk to each other. Normally not funny, I know, but read on to see how it happened.

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