Hey, Man! What Cell Phone Do You Have?

I’ve been asked this dozens of times over the last few years by pushy mall cell phone kiosk salesmen. My usual response is to either ignore them or come up with something equally annoying since I’m usually in the middle of a sentence with Gorgeous when they interrupt us.

This time, though, I figured the best answer was to say, “an iPhone.” End of discussion, right? The first generation iPhone is only a year old and required a two-year agreement. If I waited until the 3G version, then I just got it and would be a pretty big moron for 1) ditching it so fast when it’s one of the most advanced phones available and 2) paying to cancel the service after having it for just a couple of months. No, not the end of his discussion. He said something about T-Mobile but we were already 20 feet away.

My question is this: Is there anyone who has EVER bought a cell phone from a mall kiosk?

Did you just say, “yes.” Alright, I’ll forgive you for being weird, but was it because a salesperson approached you in any manner?

I didn’t think so.