American Idol Season 8 Top 3 Prediction

Last night was a rock-out night with the judges picking the first set of songs for Adam, Danny, and Kris. It was agonizing to hear the judges rip into the arrangements and interpretations of the songs because it was bordering on insane to tell them to sing a particular song and then say it wasn’t “right” for them. I almost threw my remote, but I love my remote too much to do that on account of Kara. Someone please knock her head off while she’s rambling, please. If she is a permanent judge, I’m going to keep earplugs handy next year for her critiques.

Danny was first for each of his songs, and I’d have to say they were his two best performances of the season. He’s really polished his stuff since the beginning, even though he has clearly been comfortable on stage from Day One. I voted for him 3 times.

Kris was second each time, and I am convinced that he’s only still around because there are 12 million women under the age of 32 who want him to get a divorce and take them home. I don’t think he’s going to kiss you (yes, you… the one with the low-cut top and the poster that says, “kiss me Kris!”) while his wife is in the audience. Be realistic and invite him to karioke night at your local club, because he doesn’t belong on stage with Adam and Danny. I mentally anti-voted him 3 billion times.

Then came Adam, third in the lineup for each of his songs. His U2 song was absolutely brilliantly done, but his Aerosmith song left me expecting a LOT more. Perhaps it was the shrieking, off beat backup singer that didn’t do it for me. I was expecting him to turn around and do the “kill it” hand movement to her at any second. His saving grace on that song was his ever-awesome last note. I voted for him 3 times.

Is there any question about who I want to leave tonight? If you’re a moron and can’t figure it out, I’ll spell it out and send you a button for “moron for the day” to proudly wear. K. R. I. S.