No Pressure

I’ve recently realized that I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to perform in too many areas of life that are so non-stop, it’s relentless… and probably taking a toll. I set the goal to graduate in May, which required taking 5 courses this semester and 4 next semester with each one including a Spanish course. So, while every course is necessary, the Spanish is “do or die” because they are 1) sequential; 2) much better to take in a 13-week semester; and 3) going to change the curriculum after May. To have to take Spanish 1 twice would be devastating to my goal.

Yet that is the course I have the least control of. How do you force yourself to absorb the concepts of a foreign language while not immersed in speaking it and working 50-60 hours/wk (in English, I might add)?

Things will only get worse in February when I apply to graduate. I’d really like to have some sort of celebration of my 13-year journey to get my degree, which would involve invitations and then require a follow-through performance to pass Spanish 2.

It’s time to stay positive and focus on the goal: hearing Dr . Silverman rattle off 800+ names at commencement, one of which being “Jesse Petersen,” walking across that stage with 5,000 watching with no clue about who I am, and then hanging my diploma in the hall next to my wife’s.

That will be a fine “job well done.”