Teachers Staying Home on Good Friday

Here in Tampa, Hillsborough County schools have always had Good Friday off. Always.

Until this year, that is.

This year, in their infinite wisdom, they have decided that it is too much of a pain to be ‘selective’ in the school holiday policy, so they are ignoring ALL religious holidays. Yeah brilliant!

What is supremely amazing to me is that it is the Jewish community that is up in arms that previously only Good Friday made the cut as a Jewish-recognized holiday that merited a day off from school. This prompted the school to do what every school, court, and civil organization has done in the last 5 years regarding Christmas decorations and such: ban them all. Good move, guys. You just lost your only ‘approved’ holiday.

Open mouth. Insert foot.

As a result of the sweeping change in their normal plans and the teacher’s work schedule, a record number of teachers, bus drivers, and students are planning on taking a personal day on Friday. The debate is raging on whether or not to cancel school if they are going to have to combine classes just to hold session. I say the kids aren’t even going to get to school.

When is this crap about being politically correct and doing everything in the world possible to make sure no one could possibly be offended by someone’s religion?

I’m offended at the thought.