American Idol Week 1 Results Show Aftermath

Well, I was darn close AND I had all of the Top 3 in my list of guys, but I really thought Michael Sarver had too much of a shaky start and would make it in via the wild card week.

My wife did manage to get all 3 correct, but since she doesn’t have a blog and doesn’t write here… well… I guess that’s just heresay.

For those still living in a cave, the Top 3 from Group 1 are: Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace, and Michael Sarver.

At least Tatiana got axed, and was most likely 5th place. I was so nervous when it was down to Danny and Tatiana, but my wife pointed out that, based on the other placements, one of them was #1 and one was #5 because they announced that Anoop was just behind Sarver in the votes as #4. Now my wife is pulling for Nick Mitchell to go. I’m still on the fence with him. Let’s see how he sings first.

This Just In… TiVo Predicts American Idol Top 8

This from

If you want to place bets on “Idol” in Vegas, we think we found a way you could score millions of bucks.

TiVo may have cracked the mystery of who gets kicked off and who doesn’t. Company insiders say they can predict who’s not connecting by TiVo usage.

Here’s the deal. In a sample of 20,000 users, TiVo monitors traffic — which contestants get replayed (a sign of popularity) and which one’s get fast-forwarded.

You think it’s bogus? Well, the TiVo system has nailed who got booted four weeks in a row.

And who does TiVo say is getting the ax tonight? Poor Syesha. Take it to the bank, people.

So, it’s me vs TiVo! Bring it! I’m sticking to my guns and still saying it will be Carly Smithson.

The results show is on tonight at 8:00pm Eastern on Fox.