Leave it at Home

I was over at my in-laws on New Years for food, the Rose Bowl parade, and the Wii (of course). I’ve never really sat down to watch the parade before these annual pig out events, but since massive amounts food during frequent feeding times are the custom, the tradition is growing on me.

So, I’m sitting on the fireplace ledge with the coffee table pulled up to my feast and I see a group of nincompoops along the back edge of the main TV zone holding up a string of “R O N P A U L” signs. My jaw hit the floor and I couldn’t contain my sentiments of these people. What is it with these people in particular? They call the talk shows non-stop to get “their man” on the air only to have him decline an interview, drop cards in public restrooms, just to name two things I’ve personally witnessed in the last week.

When we changed the channel to the much better coverage on Discovery HD Theatre, there was a big banner saying, “IMPEACH” on it! Good grief, people! Free speech, my butt! There is a big difference between free speech, free advertising, and ANNOYING. Can’t we just watch a parade without being reminded that the election is in 11 friggin’ months?

There, I nailed both sides of the fence for idiocy, so what’cha got to say about that? Are you as fed up with the primaries as I am?