The End of Steve Jobs?

Speculation is stirring about Steve Jobs’ dramatic weight loss that became apparent at the Apple developers’ conference in June. As a pancreatic cancer survivor, the hub-bub is going around like wildfire. If his cancer has come back in some form, it completely explains his new look.

If the rumors and concerns were not true, there is no reason for the Apple or Jobs to come out and squash the speculation. My take is that they are not able to do that because it would be a lie. If they came out and confirmed it, then the stock would plunge until a replacement is found, announced, and vetted.

What do you say? Speculation or most likely true?
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I’m Still Here!

It’s been a very long two weeks. I got the dreaded March flu last Monday night and missed work all of last week.

Not. Fun. At. All.

It knocked me down pretty hard, but I’m finally on the mend. After seeing all of the doctors I have, ending today, it’s been determined that I’m actually fixing myself this time, rather than depending on the traditional route of IV meds to clear things out.

I’ve switched up the theme again in the search for my perfect design… HAH!