Lion Whisperer: Kevin Richardson

Kevin Richardson - Lion WhispererSome people are insane. Some people know what they are doing. This guy brings back memories of Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. He can even hold a baby hyena without fear of attack from its mother, likely because his brain is not sending him signals correctly. Sometimes God’s elbow gets bumped when pouring in peoples’ brains.

According to this amazing news story, Kevin Richardson is 32 and has been doing this for years. I suspect that this kind of behavior usually ends in tragedy, like the bear lover Timothy Treadwell.

Check out the full story at Daily Mail.

UPDATE: Since writing this post, I have learned that he is also the producer of the film White Lion – Home… is a Journey. It is a story about Letsatsi, a white lion, and his struggle to adulthood against all odds.

LISTEN UP! I’m tired of people asking me how to get in contact with Kevin. He’s a nutcase. I am NOT his PR rep. I am NOT his agent. I do NOT know him. I do NOT know where he is. I do NOT know what he ate for breakfast. Read the article, Google about him some more, enjoy your tea, and move on.

E-mails like this will be ignored from now on: “We are headed to South Africa to shoot an episode and wanted to connect with Kevin and possibly include him in a segment ….Do you know how to get a hold of him?”