SOBCon08 Presentations Part 6 – David Bullock

David BullockDavid Bullock

Business Development Action Plan

Process Redistribution

Process Automation

How does it all work? The START model

S – Strategy: your Story and what does it have to do with your marketplace?

T – Tactics: sitting down and actually planning it

A – Action: stop for a minute before proceding. Then go for it.

R – Results: verify everything’s success

T – Tracking: Tracking – and

Steps to create your business process map:

  1. Speak/Write the process – get it out of your head
  2. Determine the outcome of every step
  3. Set the sequence

Tools for the charting process:

  • Yellow pad
  • Excel

Your major marketing channels:

  • Your customers
  • Your list
  • Your identity