Another Home Improvement Weekend

Garage with a huge pileThe big pile of stuff in the garage corner has been driving me crazy for, like… a whole week now. Yeah. It was time to do something about that. Gorgeous and I went out in the stifling 90-degree, 95% humidity weather yesterday and stood there and looked at the walls, the water heater, garage door railing, and measured all of our boxes to come up with a plan.

So much for a plan when you hit the isles at Lowes or Home Depot, right? That is when you realize what you have to work with and how much it’s going to cost. At least we had the measurements for the boxes, so we could figure out the linear feet we had to accommodate. After about 90 minutes of hemming and hawing and going back and forth between opposite ends of the store and picking up about 20 different types of screws and drill bits, we had our loot. [Read more…]