My Whole Oklahoma Trip Gallery

I’ve gone to the trouble of adding all of my photos that weren’t blurry or context photos to show my wife the cabin that the average Joe isn’t going to give a darn about. See the microwave? Nope, didn’t think so, because I took that one out.

Something of note, the gas in some parts of Tampa has dropped to $2.89/gal, but the price shown here was about $0.60 less than Tampa was at the time.

Celebrating 45 Days With iThemes

I’ve been out of the clutches of Corporate America for 45 days now, and I’m simply loving it! Sure, I put in some long hours from time to time, but it’s because I am passionate about what we’re doing and have a vested interest in the success of the company. In the big cubicle farm, you don’t get jack if you bust your butt for a week to get something done on time, but it’s not like that when there are only five of you.

So far, I’ve fielded over 1,600 e-mails since Labor Day and posted 1,000 replies on the support forum since March, and it’s making a huge impact in customer opinion and even our bottom line by creating life-long iThemes fans based on our customer service alone. Now that our themes are catching up with the support we offer, the sky is the limit for our next couple of projects.

New Sports Team Theme Available

One day, my mind wouldn’t stop working in overdrive. You know those days; just sitting there working on something and the ideas for a million other things won’t stop. I had one of those moments of brilliance and just HAD to e-mail my boss, Cory, about what popped in my head:

I went to bed last night and had such a good idea (IMHO) that I got back up and wrote it down: iSports – a theme for junior sports leagues and those local professional teams.

He replied in the morning that our project manager/designer, James Dalman, had already talked to him about doing that for his son’s football team. They were full-bore on the idea at that point.

Looking back, that was August 30th, so here we are one month later with an AWESOME theme for all the Pop Warner football and Little League baseball, and local soccer teams out there, all easily able to be set up with WordPress. I’ve already produced 13 video tutorials for walkthroughs to getting iTeam set up on your site, and there are a few more on the way.

The last little gravy we added, in addition to our normal arsenal of easy-to-use themes, is an image cross-fader for that home page’s feature image. All you do is add the images using our custom interface (so easy your kids can do it themselves), and choose the display options. Here is a run-down of the rest of the features:

  • Post Game Video On Your Website – Upload your sports video to YouTube or Vimeo and insert it directly into the iTeam home page through our iTeam Dashboard options page
  • Upload Your Team’s Logo – Our image uploader feature allows you to personalize your site with your own logo
  • Showcase Sports Photos Easily – iTeam comes with a random image script that allows you to display multiple photos on your home page; plus we’ve got a Flickr photo gallery installed as well
  • Post Live Games Updates – Using and iTeam, you can easily post live game updates to your team’s website

Download iTeam here when it releases on Monday, October 6th, 2008.

Great Retreat in Oklahoma

I still have some photos to crunch and remove proprietary information from the photostream, of course. I’ll be posting the gallery for the last 2 days when I get that done, though. I’m sitting at Cory’s house… but I guess you need to know who Cory is for that to make sense. I put our names on our team photo once we got back to civilization today and put it up at

It’s about time to go to bed, but I’ll have to turn my mind off. Going back a few days, I can run down our activities.

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