My Whole Oklahoma Trip Gallery

I’ve gone to the trouble of adding all of my photos that weren’t blurry or context photos to show my wife the cabin that the average Joe isn’t going to give a darn about. See the microwave? Nope, didn’t think so, because I took that one out.

Something of note, the gas in some parts of Tampa has dropped to $2.89/gal, but the price shown here was about $0.60 less than Tampa was at the time.

Great Retreat in Oklahoma

I still have some photos to crunch and remove proprietary information from the photostream, of course. I’ll be posting the gallery for the last 2 days when I get that done, though. I’m sitting at Cory’s house… but I guess you need to know who Cory is for that to make sense. I put our names on our team photo once we got back to civilization today and put it up at

It’s about time to go to bed, but I’ll have to turn my mind off. Going back a few days, I can run down our activities.

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iThemes’ Company Retreat Gallery Day 1