Quite the 4-day Weekend: A Gallery

What happens when someone comes over for a long-time-coming reuinion? Lots and lots and lots of photos and activities, that’s what. We went over to the in-laws’ house Tuesday after work for a family dinner, Thursday for Turkey Day, Friday to Dade City for antique shopping, to the beach on Saturday, and back over to their house today for games and relaxing during our first storm in weeks.

Enjoy the photos.

My Whole Oklahoma Trip Gallery

I’ve gone to the trouble of adding all of my photos that weren’t blurry or context photos to show my wife the cabin that the average Joe isn’t going to give a darn about. See the microwave? Nope, didn’t think so, because I took that one out.

Something of note, the gas in some parts of Tampa has dropped to $2.89/gal, but the price shown here was about $0.60 less than Tampa was at the time.

Gallery – December 2002 – Roatan

Gallery 7-21-2008