Quite the 4-day Weekend: A Gallery

What happens when someone comes over for a long-time-coming reuinion? Lots and lots and lots of photos and activities, that’s what. We went over to the in-laws’ house Tuesday after work for a family dinner, Thursday for Turkey Day, Friday to Dade City for antique shopping, to the beach on Saturday, and back over to their house today for games and relaxing during our first storm in weeks.

Enjoy the photos.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone

TurkeyIt’s been a cold week in the mornings in sunny Tampa. Although it warms back up almost every day, it has been hard to keep my hands warm when typing and mousing at my desk. I think I might resort to using the heat one day soon.

I’m getting some R&R in over the 4-day weekend. I am under direct orders from my boss to not touch any iThemes work until Monday, and since Gorgeous was in the room during the call, she is going to hold me to that. 🙂

Last night, after she went to bed, I worked on upgrading and tweaking a guy’s batch of 3 sites to get a little ahead to prepare for our change in insurance next year. We will be moving from an HMO to a PPO and will be ready for the out-of-pocket expenses in the beginning, so long as I keep up this pace. It’s been very rewarding and will make 2010 even easier after getting everything 100% covered after May or so.

Well, I’m supposed to be playing games because I can… you know how that goes for days off… so I’m going to do just that.

Big Thanksgiving Week

Sometimes it’s a big week because of our travel plans, but this year it’s because someone else has big travel plans to come here. My wife’s grandma is coming to Florida from Canada for a visit for the first time in about 20 years, so we’re all really excited to see her.

She flies in Tuesday and we’re going over for a pork roast feast – I love Mom’s pork roast, mashed potatoes, gravy — need I go on? I expect we’ll spend a good portion of the day on Thanksgiving over there, too, playing Wii and spending time with the stranger in the mix. 🙂 Unless we have other plans pop up in the way of tourist-y things, we’ll go shopping at our brand new mall Friday morning and head over again after lunch.

I love a 4-day weekend, especially when it includes that much food!