Townhome Update: 3 Weeks Left

Street viewSince I went to Chicago last weekend for the world’s greatest online publishing conference, we didn’t get a chance to go up and look at the house. Add that to the stepped up timeline, and a whole heck of a lot has happened since our last update. Just take a look at that street view now.

There was a lot to be impressed with and a lot to shake our heads at and wonder what kind of stuff would go on if we didn’t check up on things. The photos will be evident enough, but there’s more than what I am putting up because I didn’t want this to all be about what is wrong, but to also celebrate how stinking cool this is! We’ve only been married for 18 months and we’re getting a brand-spanking new house! Yeah, the Dude is pumped. Don’t bring the Monk down. I’ll be working for the Man for a while now… when will these silly sayings end?
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Townhome Update: 7 Weeks Left

We went back to see the townhome Sunday and spent an embarrassingly long time looking around. We love it! The tile is in, the A/C is installed, and we have a beautiful microwave! Things are really moving along and we just can’t wait to move in and settle down.

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