The 7 Gmail Labs Apps I Use

I’ve been using several Labs apps for quite a while, but there are some more additions that are worth noting, so I decided to do a run-down of the ones I use. There are quite a few more out there that I don’t use that are particularly handy to people, depending on the content of the mail you receive, but just not for me.

  1. Signature tweaks by Keith C and Dave C
    Places your signature before the quoted text in a reply, and removes the “–” line that appears before signatures.
  2. Right-side chat by Emily C
    Move the chat box to the right side of the inbox.
  3. Right-side labels by Emily C
    Move the labels box to the right side of the inbox.
  4. Forgotten Attachment Detector by Jonathan K
    Prevents you from accidentally sending messages without the relevant attachments. Prompts you if you mention attaching a file, but forgot to do so.
  5. Mark as Read Button by Mark K
    Tired of spending all that effort to click on the more actions menu every time you want to mark messages as read without reading them? Now just enable this lab and that is just a button click away!
  6. Title Tweaks by Fedor K
    Changes order of elements in the browser title bar from “Gmail – Inbox (20) –” to “Inbox (20) – – Gmail”. This way you are able (most of the time) to see if a new mail has arrived even if Gmail window is minimized.
  7. Inserting images by Kent T
    Allows you to insert images into a message body. You can upload and insert image files in your computer, or insert images by URLs.

iPhone Readiness Program

I’m gearing up for getting my iPhone 3G this week. is doing an equipment purchase for me so I can check my RSS feeds, Gmail, and the Internet without being tied to my computer. When I’ve got class at night, I don’t get Internet until I arrive on campus and have a mad blitz to answer forum threads and e-mails before the professor walks in.

This way, I can check at our notoriously long traffic lights and while I’m at my favorite eatery, Firehouse Subs, which just gets people asking me what network I’m connected to. I just have to tell people I’m being a dorky student writing my paper offline.

I started downloading free TV episodes and apps on iTunes last night, and then I dropped a whole $.99 for a Koi Pond app that was simply irresistable. I heard from a co-worker that AT&T near her house was sold out, so I’ll be going to the Apple store to get the phone and register it, and then drive back to AT&T near home to get it added to our plan since we are both eligible for the “new phone” discount with 2-year agreement.