Jesse’s SOBCon08 Takeaway

The Hancock Building
It’s been quite a weekend, by any measure of meaningfulness. I know that the following would be a heck of a run-on sentence, so here it is in outline form:

It was a time to

After 55 hours of online publishing immersion, what was my takeaway? It happened over the course of two speeches by David Bullock: his presentation on Saturday, and a brief kudos/pep-talk this morning during the cool-down session. [Read more…]

SOBCon08 Attendees to Mimic Gilligan’s Island

Summer of GeorgeHopefully with different results, because I have to be back at work on Monday. Liz Strauss posted on the official SOBCon site that Friday’s Open Comments night will take place on “Summer of George,” a party cruise boat with a special musical opening by Christine Kane.

I love party cruise boats, as they hold a special place in my heart. I took my wife of 18 months on a 3-hour dinner yacht cruise of Tampa Bay for our 4th anniversary just a couple of months before we got married. They are so fun and comfortable, and there’s never a lack of scenery or food.

I am very much looking forward to re-connecting with those folks from last year, especially Terry Starbucker, Muhammed Saleem, and Phil Gerbyshak. I’m also highly anticipating meeting my new business buddy, Cory Miller and his friend, Brian Gardner. I’m sure this year, I’ll meet new people and make new connections.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! Liz is announcing a new contest today on the SOBCon site.

So how about it? Does the boat cruise spice it up enough to push you over into the “in” crowd?