Jesse’s SOBCon08 Takeaway

The Hancock Building
It’s been quite a weekend, by any measure of meaningfulness. I know that the following would be a heck of a run-on sentence, so here it is in outline form:

It was a time to

After 55 hours of online publishing immersion, what was my takeaway? It happened over the course of two speeches by David Bullock: his presentation on Saturday, and a brief kudos/pep-talk this morning during the cool-down session. [Read more…]

SOBCon08 Presentations Part 5 – Chris Garrett

Chris GarrettChris Garrett

Get more bang from your blog:

  • Create
  • Learn
  • Promote

Brainstorm your content ideas. It’s the biggest part of the process. If you just re-hash other people’s stuff, it shows. People can just go to the source if that’s all you’re doing. How do you find ideas? Talking to other bloggers is a huge source of ideas. Commuting is a good time to think, but you need to record every idea. Take some time to generate content and it will pay dividends in the future.

The Business Process:

  • Source bits
  • Put bits together
  • Deliver stuff
  • Happy customer

Blogging Efficiency: 5 minute post

  • Start at the end
  • Know who you’re writing for
  • Know what you’re writing about
  • Convey the reason to avoid the “So what?”